Profit Accumulator Review


Profit Accumulator was one of the first full matched betting sites to hit the internet. They quickly gained a lot of members and publicity and are still very popular. Unfortunately they really haven’t progressed since they first launched and have since been overtaken by more power and user friendly sites like OddsMonkey.

While Profit Accumulator have stood still OddsMonkey have moved in a developed world class matched betting software and tools, because of this a lot of Profit Accumulator members have now jumped over to OddsMonkey. OddsMonkey is also cheaper so it’s a really easy decision to make.

We have written a full review of OddsMonkey here.

But what do you get as a Profit Accumulator member?

Tutorials & Training Videos

They have nice tutorials on Profit Accumulator that will guide you through all the sign up offers very proficiently. There videos are quite amateurish but they do the job of explaining what you need to do.

Overall though their guides are great and will help any beginner get to grips with matched betting.

Matched Betting Calculator

Of course any matched betting site needs a calculator and PA of course do have one. Not a lot to say here. It does what it needs to and is no better or worse than another matched betting calculator.


Profit Accumulator used to use the OddsMatcher made by OddsMonkey but after OddsMonkey decided to become a matched betting service themselves they decided to make their own. It appears they spat their dummy out when this happened because for a long period they had no oddsmatcher at all. This lead to many people leaving PA and looking elsewhere for their matched betting services. They have since developed a good oddsmatcher. It’s pretty good the only problem is the old one was better.

Matched Betting Forum

PA have a very busy forum where you will find a lot of helpful advice. The staff are also active on the forum and will often answer user questions. They can be quite slow to respond though so if you need immediate help it can be a bit frustrating. That’s one of the best things about OddsMonkey, the staff will respond to questions within a couple of minutes usually.

Match Catcher

Basically their horse racing matcher. It works well and updates in real time. This can be quite confusing as it is constantly changing and moving. Overall though this is good and works well.


PA offer support via their forum and email support. They also offer limited phone support.

Accumulator Software

PA have a nice piece of software for finding accas. It’s very similar to OddsMonkey’s offering but not quite as in depth. Accas are an advanced matched betting technique and should only be attempted once you have got to grips with the basic sign up offers and reload offers.


PA post all the offers on their forum along with instructions on how to complete them. They get most of the new offers up in a prompt time but I have noticed that they often miss some big offers, especially on their horse racing offer thread. Again they fail to compete with OddsMonkey here. They also offer a daily offer calendar similar to OddsMonkey’s.


PA have recently dropped their price but they are still more expensive than OddsMonkey. That is a real problem for them because their service isn’t as good. They are taking advantage of loyal members by charging them more when they could leave and get a better service elsewhere.

They used to charge users more money to get all the tools making it really expensive. They have had to change their policy on this recently and now you get everything for £17.99 per month. OddsMonkey costs £15 per month.


PA is a good matched betting site, my main problem with them is that they aren’t as good as their competitors but continue to charge a higher price. It’s unreasonable and unjustified.

The forum is good and their guides are excellent. Unfortunately everything else is merely acceptable. All the tools work (though there are quite often tech issues) but they fall short of their main competitor. If you decide to join PA then you will do well with matched betting but you could do even better. We just find it frustrating that they continue to overcharge when they offer less tools and guides.




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