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If you know what matched betting is then you might have already heard of OddsMonkey. They are the original inventors of the Oddsmatcher which gave birth to the matched betting industry. These guys invented matched betting. All other matched betting websites have been or still are using software developed by them. They are now a fully fledged matched betting service themselves and little over a year have transformed themselves into the number one matched betting site on the internet.

It’t no surprise that customers are flocking to them, the software they have developed is that good. You get software and tools on OddsMonkey that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

If you want to know what matched betting is then you can read this blog post here that covers it in more detail. If you already know and want to know whether it’s worth joining up to OddsMonkey then read on!

Matched Betting can be hugely profitable if you know how to optimise your time. OddsMonkey makes it so easy to complete matched betting offers you will wonder how you managed without it. Everything is designed to make the whole process as easy and as quick as possible.

To begin with their oddsmatcher is now integrated directly with Betfair Exchange. So you can lay your bets directly from the oddsmatcher with one click. This is an incredible leap forward for any matched bettor. How many times have you seen odds on an oddsmatcher only to discover they are no longer available by the time you place your back bet. This pretty much gets rid of that situation. Once you have backed your bet you can lay the bet with one click. The oddsmatcher automatically adjusts the lay amount if the odds do change and warns you that it has done so.

Lay betting has never been this easy

OddsMonkey are the only matched betting service to offer this integration. Everyone else is constantly playing catch up to these guys.

Recently OddsMonkey had an offer on for all their members to get 2% commission at Betfair as well. It’s currently closed to new opt ins but it will probably come back again. Again, you can’t get an offer like that anywhere else. That is a saving of hundreds of pounds a month right there making the OddsMonkey membership fee pay for itself again and again on this one offer alone.

OddsMonkey also are market leaders when it comes to their community and customer support. The forums are a pleasant place to be on OddsMonkey. There are thousands of like minded people helping each other out and learning new techniques from each other.

The staff are on hand 12 hours a day to answer any questions and sort out any problems people might be having. If you are just starting out with matched betting it can be a bit daunting. There’s maths involved and you are sometimes placing large bets. It’s great not only to have the tools to do all this complicated stuff for you but to also have the backing of a seasoned matched betting expert behind you to point you in the right direction if you need it.

Extra Places

This is another OddsMonkey only feature. The extra place matcher. This for when bookies are paying extra places for an each way bet. We can back and lay these for the chance of a big win if our horse finishes in the extra place. The matcher shows you all the possibilities for the day and outlines the qualifying cost for each bet.

extra places made easy

Dutching Matcher

The dutching tool looks for opportunities for us to place all sides of a bet with different bookmakers and make a guaranteed profit once all the bets have settled. In the example shown we can back under 3.5 goals at one bookie and back over 3.5 goals at another bookie to make £19 on a £100 bet!

Dutching with Oddsmonkey

Guide & Tutorials

So to go with the software we of course need guides and walkthroughs for all the sign up offers and other on going reloads. OddsMonkey have detailed guides which include video walkthroughs for all the major sign up offers. If there is a matched betting opportunity out there then there is a guide for it on OddsMonkey.

All the guides are rated for difficulty and once you have completed an offer you can mark it as complete so it disappears from the page. This allows you to see what you have left to do.

Daily Offer Calendar

Once you have done all the sign ups you will be ready to move onto the daily reload offers. These are the offers which bookies put out every day to keep people betting. For this we can either go onto the community forum where all the offers are posted by the staff or head over to the daily calendar to see all the offers for the day and the potential profit for each one.

daily offer calendar

You can organise the calendar by profit, difficulty or start time. All you need to do is log on here every day and make your way through the offers. You can click more details to get instructions on what you need to do to profit from the offer. There are also direct links to the offer on the bookmakers site and a link to where the offer is being discussed on the community.

The Racing Matcher

Horse Races are one of the most powerful ways to make money from matched betting but it can be hard to find a good match. Using the racing matcher we can make this much easier. It outlines all the offers and we can click into each one to automatically see close matches at the bookie and the exchanges.

We can see here the qualifying loss and what we need to lay if we want to place this bet. We can also launch the calculator in case we want to underlay etc.


Many people skip acca offers because they can be complicated and you have to remember to lay each leg. OddsMonkey have a range of software available to make these offers as easy and painless as possible.

The acca software is automatically set up for each different type of acca offer.

We can see the qualifying loss here and the total odds for the back and lay. It’s when we open up each part of the acca that it becomes really powerful.

Here we can see everything we need to know and update the acca as it goes along. We can also choose different ways to play the acca. We can either go for a full refund or choose to lock for a smaller but guaranteed profit.

You can see now that I have changed it to lock in we can actually guarantee ourselves £8.93 for this acca if we go for the lock in method. As the acca unfolds we can mark each leg as layed and mark the result. The software will then tell us what we have to lay for the next leg and if it needs laying at all. We must remember to adjust the odds because the lay price will probably have changed slightly. Sometimes this means we make more money and sometimes it means we make a bit less. Depending on what way the odds have gone.

We can save this acca to our account and keep coming back to it to update the details as it unfolds. We can also set up email alerts to remind us to lay the next leg. Forgetting to lay a leg in an acca can be very costly. Now all we need to do is set up the alerts. Once we have saved the acca there is a send email alerts box to tick. Then we can set up our mobile phone to alert us to those emails and we will never forget to lay again!

Other software

You get loads of tools and software here. Here is a list of what you get.

  • A range of matched betting calculators – everything you will every need
  • Tutorials for all offers
  • Oddsmatcher
  • Dutching Tool
  • Racing Matcher
  • Tennis Matcher
  • Each Way Matcher
  • Extra Place Matcher
  • Acca Finder
  • Acca Builder
  • No Lay Acca Tool
  • Profit Tracker
  • Betfair Integration
  • Potentially 2% Commission at Betfair (if they do this offer again)


The cost of OddsMonkey is either £15 per month or £150 for the year. This makes it pretty much the cheapest matched betting site on the internet. So it’s the cheapest and it has more tools and software than anyone else, by far. Makes signing up here an easy decision.

There is also a free trial which helps you make £45 from the first two offers. If you are still unsure you can sign up for 30 days risk free. If you aren’t happy they will fully refund you. So you really have nothing to lose by signing up here. You’d be mad not too!

Matched betting can make you £1000 a month or even more but that is only possible when you have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal. OddsMonkey makes that possible.



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