Mug Betting to avoid getting gubbed


Mug Betting is an essential part of matched betting but what does it mean exactly?

Mug bets are the type of bets that bookies love because they are making money. Even if the punters bet wins the bookie has usually made money on them because they can lay bets off in the same way we can. Matched bettors take close matches and there is little to no money to be made for the bookie.

Bookies are looking for customers who don’t know what they are doing and just have a daft bet on a weekend or for customers who are addicts and like to spend all their wages on bets.

In order to keep our bookmaker accounts in good standing order and keep the free bets coming in we need to make them think we are a mug punter. That way they will offer us more and more incentives and we can make more and more money.

So how do we do that?

Simple. We place bets. But not the type of bets we usually place when we are matched betting. These bets need to be offer free and not always great matches at the exchange. Of course we will still lay these bets off so we don’t lose too much money but we might need to spend a few quid every week to keep the bookie happy. It is a drop in the ocean to the profits we are making from their offers though so don’t worry about it.

Good mug bets are doing what a typical punter would do.

  • Bet on the same team every week.
  • Bet on non offer events
  • Bet on big sporting events
  • Bet on the favourites
  • Mix up your stakes. Even if it’s an offer of bet £20 get £20, why not bet £30 instead to stay under the radar.
  • Place acca bets

Bookies love accas because they nearly always make money on them. Accas are hard to lay off but you can learn how to do it at OddsMonkey. You can also lock in a profit on every acca you place with OddsMonkey’s software.

Most bookies will offer you a refund as a free bet if you get one losing leg in an acca. We can lay our bets against this bonus and lock in a few quid every time. Or we can lay as normal and hope we trigger a refund for a bigger return. Accas are complicated to start with but there is some great software and tutorials on OddsMonkey that will have you making money and keeping the bookies happy very quickly.


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