Is Matched Betting Legal?


We get asked this a lot. Matched Betting is 100% legal so there is no need to worry about breaking any rules or laws by taking part and making yourself some money.

Matched betting has appeared in many news paper articles such as:

There is even an article about matched betting on wikipedia.

Bookies are fully aware of the practice. At the end of the day all you are doing is placing bets with different bookmakers. Do the bookies mind you doing it? Well they aren’t really fans as long term it harms their profit margins. So we need to be careful not to identify ourselves as matched bettors to the bookies.

If they do identify you as a matched bettor then you will get an email saying they will no longer be offering you free bet offers. They can’t keep your money or close your account though so there is no risk to your money at any point if you decide to give matched betting a go.

People often think it is too good to be true and therefore question if there is something dodgy involved. Betting is based on maths and we are simply using maths to our advantage in the same way the bookmakers do to make money from the punters.

There is no better time to give matched betting a go and it is made incredibly easy by signing up to OddsMonkey. You can get a free trial of OddsMonkey here.


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