How much money can I make from Matched Betting?


This is a question we here a lot. After people learn about matched betting and realise just how lucrative it is they start to have fantasies about packing in the day job and doing it full time. Long story short you can make a lot of money from matched betting.

A good matched bettor using a service like OddsMonkey can expect to make £1000 or more every month but you have to put the hours in. Most people are doing matched betting around a full time job for a little bonus money.

You can make more money by multi accounting but the legalities of this are clouded. This could be construed as fraud and therefore we don’t recommend going down this road. If someone tells you they are making £3000 a month every month then they are probably multi accounting. Also known as gnoming.

The other danger with matched betting is that failure to look after your bookie accounts will see them get restricted or gubbed. Gubbed is that happens when a bookie stops offering  you free bets because they think that is all you are there for. So you need to be able to manage your accounts correctly to keep them profitable. This can be time consuming but is necessary if you want to keep making a grand a month long term.

But you can make really good money here and it’s easy too. Especially if you take advantage of a good matched betting service like Oddsmonkey. They have offers and strategies that you won’t have even considered.

Without going into too much detail there are many ways to profit from a bookie using OddsMonkey. You can arb, dutch, each way bet, extra places plus much more. Even if you do get gubbed from a bookie it isn’t the end of that account. You will still be able to make money just possibly not as much and not in the way you are used to.

So how much can you make? Well it depends on how much time you can invest to start with. To make a grand a month I would say you need to put in 2 hours a day. You will also need some money to place bets with. You can reinvest your earnings as you go but if you have a limited amount to start off with then it is going to limit the amount you can make.

Once you have a bigger bank you can get on more offers at one time and you can also take part in the more lucrative offers. One of which is extra places. Especially on golf. Bookies will pay extra each way places on most gold tournaments. Meaning you can back and lay a player and hope he comes in the extra place. The liability at the exchange can be big though and to get on multiple players to maximise your chance of a profit you will need a big bank.

Your bank will build over time so in the beginning you need to be patient. If you are patient, learn the ropes and look after your accounts you can easily make £1000 a month or even more. Plus once you get into casino offers you may end up having a huge month if you hit a big win.

You can read more about OddsMonkey in my full review here.


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