Bright Future for Edward Nketiah


A new Arsenal star burst onto the scene last night with 2 goals as Arsenal beat Norwich City 2-1 to progress to the next round of the Carabao Cup.

A under par Arsenal looked like heading out until Nketiah came on and scored within 15 seconds to make it 1-1 with only 5 minutes remaining. He then scored the winner in extra time to save Arsenal’s blushes.

Aresene Wenger was quick to praise the youngster saying, “I’m impressed to think that he was not even conceived when I was already here! But it’s good as well because life gives chances to young people. Hopefully he’ll have a long career at Arsenal. I can’t remember a young player having such an impact in a game like that. Until he came on we lacked ideas and creativity.”

Nketiah started his footballing career at Chelsea but was released at 14, he was quickly signed by Arsenal after that and it looks like Chelsea have made a huge error in judgement letting a talent like this slip through their fingers.

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